Top hospitals give the Jacki® free to Breast Cancer patients funded by grants and charitable and personal donations. There is no donation too small - it all helps. A Little Easier Recovery donates directly to hospitals to distribute at the discretion of nurses and surgeons. Since its inception, over 20,000 Jacki® recovery jackets have been distributed free... we are aiming for thousands more this year!


Some patients require what are called J.P. or Blake Drains depending on the extent of their surgery; the bulb-shaped drains collect fluid from under the incision. The Jacki® provides "all around pocketing" so you can place the drains into the pockets anywhere along the bottom or, if needed, in a higher pocket. There is also stitching between the pockets to enable the drain to be tucked securely.

Limited Range of Motion

After surgery you may have limited mobility in the range of motion of your shoulder or arm. The Jacki® also works well for step-in or one-handed dressing as the sleeves have Velcro seams. The buttons on the sleeves act as markers to easily find where the Velcro lines up. The Velcro seams also provide easy access for Nurses and Doctors taking blood pressure, blood testing, injections, IV lines, etc... while keeping the rest of you warm and comfortable. You can dress at home, receive visitors, go to and from the hospital, and do errands. The top button on the shoulders is real, not Velcro. It makes it easy to drop the front down for exams and porta-cath, if present.

All Phases of Treatment and Recovery
The Jacki® first began as a post-surgical garment but has evolved to all phases of treatment and recovery. In the Jacki® women feel and look more like a person than a patient and dignity is restored. We have perfected the Jacki® to its "incognito, classic style". Being a patient can seem so consuming at times; the Jacki® can help patients be themselves more of the time.

The Best of The Best
Patients deserve the best, and the best of the best has been put into the design, construction and fabric of this Jacki®. We designed it using the best input from the finest nurses, surgeons, and patients for over a year. Only the finest materials are used: high performance wicking from Polartec®, baby soft cotton from New York.
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