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NY Giants

Boston Scientific Foundation
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Windover Construction - Development

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Tufts New England Medical Center

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

Providence Cancer Center

Michael H Flanagan Foundation

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Berkshire Medical Center

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Individual Donors - 2013

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Linda Aro
Cathy Arsenault
F. Baber
Deborah Bell
Harriet Blanc
Annie Boardman
Boston Junior Whalers
Anne Breen
Maureen Butler
Marianne Callahan
Shelley Carew
Rosemarie Castro
Chia ChunLu
Bessie Coombs
Edward Copeland
Jeanette Coughlin
Nan Crossland
Ellen Cullen
Michelle Culosi
Donna Del Guidice
P. Doherty
Patti Dow
Lisa Ferraro-Sookraj
Karen Fitzpatrick
Mary Forsyth
Cathy Fowler
Rosanne G.
J. St. Germaine
Helen Gorman
Frannie Greenberg
Linda Hajnesr
Amy Hamlet
Roberta Hanna
Eileen Hart
Katy Kambouvokis
Melanie Kelley
Kay Kevgas
Elaine Kevgas
Diane Kjeldsen
Denise Lavoie
Beverly MacDonald
Janet Macleod
Maria Manzi
Kris McCarthy
Dominique McGrath
Lucille McKernan
Susan Medlar
Deanne Miller
Antoinette Morse
Marylin Murpy
Tricia O'Brien
Amy O'Brien
Carol O'Neil
Ethel Padgett
Roberta Page
Marie Paquette
Sandee Perley
Donna Perry
Denise Phillips
Kathy Picone
Michelle Pinet
Roxana Pojoy
Barbara Polizzotti
Jean Porter
Dee Pruniea
Maribeth Reagan
Kathleen T. Reed
Lynda Roberts
Donna Russo
Jann Shea
Bev Smith
Deb Soehner
Rhonda Spencer
Kristin Szettella
Donna Titone
Cheryl Tombaulb
Janet Travers
Emma Valentine
Martha Velez
Maureen Weisner
Kimberly Whitworth
Brenda Willis
Souyan Wong
Janice Woodward


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