Patient Testimonials

“I could not have received a more meaningful and thoughtful system to help me on the road to recovery.”

“Excellent support and organizer!”

“The various sheets and suggestions were especially helpful!”

“I do love A Pass; I needed that.”

“After my mastectomy and reconstruction, I gave myself permission to crash on my couch, watch old movies and read. Now that I’m venturing back into the real world, I’m facing a mound of papers and notes and bills. While I’m glad that I didn’t tackle it all right after surgery, now I’m overwhelmed. When I opened and walked through your organizer, I felt like someone had taken me by the hand and was guiding me through the woods, along a path to some light. It always makes me pause to remember that I’m not alone, and that others have done this, and that help is there just for the asking. Thanks for another reminder that someone has my back. Sincerely and gratefully”

— ACR, age 46

“There was so little time between my diagnosis and mastectomy - less than 3 weeks. I’m sole caregiver for my disabled husband. Staying organized and on top of everything is critical! Thank you for helping me to do this with the Organizer System”

— NF, age 59

“I received your organization system shortly after my diagnosis. The system helped me to feel in control, as I prepare for my upcoming surgery and recovery, at a point in my life when I have little control over what is happening to me. Thank you very much for the helpful information and organized place to store my mounting paperwork. It is much appreciated. Sincerely”

— RL, age 47

“It was best said by a famous individual “People don’t know what they need until you show them”. Thank you for showing me and giving me a “need” for this journey. A Little Easier Recovery’s patient organizer has helped me to be the pilot in this journey by getting all my documents organized. Now I feel empowered with a disease that can make you feel powerless. This item is greatly needed. Thank you so much.”

— DP, age 51

“Each day I need and appreciate the Patient Organizer System more. Thanks for easing my (I hope!) recovery.”

— MF, age 47, Massachusetts

“Last month I was diagnosed with breast cancer which left my head spinning. Not only was I shocked but completely overwhelmed with all the appointments, records, correspondence etc. Being given something to organize everything is, and was, so helpful, especially with the marked tab files. But just knowing someone cared enough to help made me feel everything was going to be OK. Thank you again so much for all you do for women who are hit with this disease so unexpectedly. Sincerely”

— EE

“I thought the organization system is great. It was labeled perfectly and easy to keep all the Dr. business cards in one place. The PASS & points & worksheet were something I really needed for myself to keep strong. Helped me keep more organized and have info all in one place and able to communicate exact things to all the Dr’s I’ve seen so far and not rely on memory – because it is shot after all the chemo I’ve already had. Thank you!”

— KD, age 44

“I opened your organizer and I actually felt immediate support and kindness. My folder system I created was getting cumbersome and jammed with reports, business cards, flyers etc. that I did not feel in control! Now, I do. Whether I want this journey or not – at least it’s together, secure and compartmentalized! Receiving this feels like I have a team of strong women beside me encouraging me every day. Thank you for creating this and I hope, once I get through this journey, I can help others as you have helped me.”

— CM, age 46

“Dear Cathy, This folder has helped me breathe easier. It is so organized in a way that is simple to follow. I am one who throws paper work in a pile or all jumbled in a file folder. This should be made mandatory for anyone going through cancer treatment. My daughter was very thrilled so she can check on everything easily and have a one stop look up. Thank for your support for everyone going through this process.”


“Thank you from my heart, for the kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown to me, a total stranger!”

“Thank you for providing this extra at a time when things can be very confusing and overwhelming.”

“In the midst of this uncertain time for me the quiet support from so many sides is amazing and appreciated.”

“Thanks to the fantastic people and companies involved.”

Medical Testimonials

logo of Lawrence General Hospital

“When you’re going through treatment, things can get a little overwhelming…both dignity being restored and organization is essential. This definitely provides a stress-free way to get through it and stay on track.”

Penny Bardsley, RN
Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence, Mass.

logo of Cooley Dickinson Hospital

“The Organization System is such a valuable tool. Most of the patients I see, who are just learning of a cancer diagnosis, express feeling overwhelmed as they are inundated with information and paperwork. They often report difficulty concentrating, focusing and feeling out of control. This OS helps to minimize some of the stress patients are feeling and provide patients with a sense of control over their personal information, which is so important during this vulnerable time in their lives. The supportive information and reminders within are an added bonus. I so wish it was available to all our newly diagnosed patients no matter what their cancer diagnosis.”

Katherine Jaycox, MSW, LCSW, Oncology Social Worker
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Northampton, Mass.

logo of Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

“It helps our cancer patients go from completely overwhelmed to organized and more in control. The forms are wonderful and easy to use. We use the Organization System to educate our Spanish speaking women to be better advocates for themselves. This meets a crucial need. When I explain the Organization System and all its features, the response is “Oh my god, my dream come true” or “Oh, wow, this is exactly what I need.”

“It is an instrumental part of our program and helps not only the patient but their loved ones who are beside them and our health center staff to better serve them. We are privileged to have such an important educational program for these women who fall among the most underprivileged and underserved. Seeing the turnaround from overwhelmed to confident is a true pleasure. The patient insight makes this stand out because they know that someone before them took the time to give them a real understanding of how to get through it all a little easier. We just love this Organization System Program. Thank you to all the sponsors who make this possible.”

Mirta Matos
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Lawrence, Mass.

logo of Yale New Haven Health

“The booklet is very powerful and impactful.”

Mehra Golshan, MD MBA FACS
Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Surgical Services
Clinical Director of Breast Program
Chief of Breast Surgery
Smilow Cancer Hospital
Yale Cancer Center
Department of Surgery
New Haven, CT

logo of Tufts Medical Center

“LOVE A Street Smart Guide! At first, I honestly thought it was going to be hokey. But as I quickly read the chapters, the content was spot on. You managed to find the common threads of the breast cancer experience and offer ways to manage the challenges in a very wise, practical, funny way. Your message is very clear, it’s about YOU and your life and moving forward. I think this guide would be an amazing resource for women who are first diagnosed and starting their journey.

“Well done! I’m very impressed. I will need to order these booklets, let me know the process please.”

Cate Mullen, RN MSN AOCNS
Nurse Coordinator
Breast Health Center
Tufts Medical Center
Boston, MA

logo of Faulkner Hospital

“This is great! Love the booklet.”

Anne McManus, NP MS AOCN
Faulkner Hospital
Boston, Mass.

logo of St. Elizabeth's Hospital

“Your Follow Up Care Guide After Treatment Plan has proven to be a wonderful resource and information source for our patients. The insight provided from a patient’s perspective is both an informative and accurate guideline for those moving from their initial diagnosis through their treatment plan.”

Jeanne A. Quaranto, RN, CBCN
Steward St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Boston, Mass.

logo of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“This program is essential, helping these women better navigate to know they can do it, how they can do it, and they are not alone. A Little Easier Recovery affects not only their confidence and strength, but also impacts the lives of the caregivers and loved ones. A Little Easier Recovery is a program any sponsor would be proud to support, helping women and men who need it most at such a critical time.”

Maria M. Semnack, RN
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Mass.